6 short article that will change your financial future

Become an investing genius

You through our platform and create a user's account to manage your personal portfolio. You are a click away from becoming an investment genius.


1. Stock Market

Before you learn the details of how to invest, this episode will give you enough background on the stock market to kill at cocktail parties.


2. Investing 101

Learn the difference between the two main investing philosophies and how to avoid the biggest rookie mistakes.


3. Saving vs. Investing

There's a time for saving and a time for investing. Learn how to make each strategy work for you.


4. The Five Simple Rules of Investing

This episode will take you from novice to expert investor in minutes with time-tested advice from the best financial minds.


5. The Waterfall Method

From killing debt to building wealth, we'll tell you exactly where to put your money to make sure it's working as hard as possible.


6. Automating Your Finances

Put your money on autopilot. Outsmart your lazy financial tendencies by putting technology to work for you.

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